Radisen Co. Ltd is an Artificial Intelligence solution provider in medical digital radiography. Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, Radisen has been dedicated to developing embedded machine intelligence for automatic interpretation of various X-Ray images since the inception of the company in 2016.

Combining founders’ long experience in digital radiography and IT industries with today’s most advanced machine learning technologies, Radisen have successfully introduced AXIRTM (Automatic X-Ray Image Reader) to screen tuberculosis in Southeast Asian countries in 2018.

AXIRTM is a stand-alone machine intelligence that can be built into X-Ray systems for fast real-time readings of X-ray images. AXIRTM works independently without needing network connection to external servers, which makes it an ideal solution for point-of-care X-ray diagnostics in the areas where radiologists are not readily available.

AXIRTM is built to “see as the machine sees.” Machine images contain a lot more information than what human eyes can perceive. When AXIRTM is used together with Radisen’s digital X-ray detector PEDRA, AXIRTM can detect various abnormalities in X-ray images with high accuracy and reliability by making full use of un-processed sensor images directly from the X-ray detector - not the images processed to radiologists’ preferences.


It will enhance X-Ray capability in detecting indications of various diseases which have been deemed not possible by X-ray.

Starting from tuberculosis, Radisen is now rapidly expanding AXIRTM’s capability to other areas. Radisen is currently developing machine learning engines for chest X-ray all reads, lung cancers, and extremities.

Light and sturdy portable/mobile X-ray systems with built-in AXIRTM were developed to provide a cost-effective solution to medically underserved areas and populations. It can be also used for emergency services, ambulatory care, and public health screening.  

Radisen believes AXIRTM is the future of digital radiography and become a valuable assistant to doctors. Radiologists’ work efficiency and accuracy in X-ray image interpretation will be greatly improved with the help of Radisen’s AXIRTM.


Transformation of Global Healthcare by Artificial Intelligence


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